Hello North Florida Honor Band Students

I am very excited to be your clinician for the 2021 North Florida Honor Band. I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you.  I set up this page on my website so that you can listen to recordings of all of the music we will be playing. It is my hope that it will help you with the preparation of your parts before our first rehearsal together. Honor bands always go much better when the students have prepared their parts, so that we can focus on making music together and not learning notes and rhythms.  Below is a list of the pieces we will be playing. Click on the title or the >> to hear the recordings or YouTube link.

Ars Vitae - Larry Clark     

Kalos Eidos - Carol Brittin Chambers     

Suite Provencale - Jan Van der Roost


Flying High - Larry Clark     

One more thing, students: I use the PDF file linked below for our warm-ups together. We will play the Pachelbel Chords as a warm-up. Determine if you are an S, A, T, or B instrument by looking at the SATB Voicing Guide in the middle of the page. Then, you can find your notes on the Pachelbel Chords by looking at the succession of numbers to the right of your letter. These numbers refer to scale degrees. For example, in a C scale, C would equal 1, D - 2, E - 3 and so on all the way up to 7. I suggest you learn your notes for the Pachelbel chords in the key of Concert Eb and Concert F before coming to the first rehearsal. See you soon!

Here is the link to the file: Honor Band Warm-Up