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Larry Clark is pleased to announce that he has started his own publishing company, Excelcia Music Publishing. The company will specialize in music of many composers for band, choral and orchestra along with related methods and books. If you would like more information about this new venture for Larry, go the Excelcia website here.

New Works for the 2019-2020 School Year

Recordings of my new music for band and orchestra are now available. I have 5 new band works and 3 new orchestra pieces published by Excelcia Music Publishing.

Concert Band


Grade 2.5
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Buckeye Rondo

Buckeye Rondowas commissioned by the Ohio State University for their annual middle school honor band festival. Composer Larry Clark used this opportunity to write a piece in a rondo form, but with some modern twists. The main theme is very catchy, and is used in various harmonic treatments and style.  The episodes of the rondo as is common, increase in length and diversity as the piece develops. What a great way to introduce this form to young bands, and on top of that, the piece is infectious and expertly scored to make your band sound their best.

Buckeye Rondo - Larry Clark     


Grade 2.5
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Founders March

Founders Marchis a dynamic and tuneful traditional march in standard form. Composer Larry Clark has years of experience composing and arranging marches that have been widely popular, and this one will be no exception. Reminiscent of the “fast and fun” marches of famous march composer Henry Fillmore, Founders Marchwill be perfect for use at festival or in concert.

Founders March     


Grade 1.5
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Shining Moments

In every person’s life there are shining moments where we are at our best, where we show others the best version of ourselves and we achieve.  Shining Moments is intended to musically depict this feeling in a beautiful, but uplifting ballad that can be used to teach developing bands good musicianship qualities, like phrasing and playing with emotion. A wonderful opportunity for developing student to have a musically powerful experience.

Shining Moments - Larry Clark     


Grade 1
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Blades of Steel

Imagine, a blade smith in Medieval times hunched over the forge getting the metal for his next sword molten hot, so that he can hammer it into a beautiful weapon for knights to use.  Blades of Steel is meant to depict this process.  The Brake Drum is used to simulate this sound, along with scrapes of a Gong to emulate the sound of the sword once completed. This piece is aggressive and full of thick resonant harmonies and bold melodies that your student will love. Larry Clark does it again!

Blades of Steel - Larry Clark     


Grade .5
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Intuition March

Intuition is a march for the youngest of students that uses only the first six notes of the Bb scale and the most difficult rhythm is two repeated eighth-notes. Even with limited technical demands, you won’t believe how much this sounds like a more involved march. It has all of the hallmarks of an American march in form with three strains with different melodic material.  The only difference is there is no modulation at the trio. It is a perfect vehicle to introduce this important form to beginning students, and its exceptionally tuneful as well!

Intuition - Larry Clark     



Grade .5
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Subatomic is written for the youngest of string students. It uses only the first 6 notes of the D scale, with no more difficult rhythm than two repeated eighth notes. Plus, there are no long sustained notes, which can often be challenging for young players. What is amazing is how exciting this piece is, despite limited technical resources! Composer Larry Clark continues to find new and creative ways to stimulate beginning students, providing them an opportunity for early musical success. This is a winner!

Subatomic - Larry Clark     


Grade 1.5
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Fascination is a tuneful work that gives every section in the orchestra an important part to play. This piece will be good for teaching spiccato bowing techniques with your students. Typical of composer Larry Clark,Fascination is well-scored with moments of lush harmonies. Students will want to play this one again and again!

Fascination - Larry Clark     


Grade 2.5
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Swan Dancing

Swan Dancing draws inspiration from the multitude of swans inhabiting the lake near the offices of Excelcia Music Publishing. Composer Larry Clark draws on these iconic birds to write a delightful, uplifting piece for string orchestra. With a nice lyrical B theme that shows off the musicianship of your orchestra, students and audiences alike will walk away humming this memorable melody. Swan Dancing is a joyful selection for any orchestral concert.

Swan Dancing - Larry Clark     


SAB Voices
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Our Friendship

Our Friendship is based on the Scottish Folk Song Kelvin Grove. Larry Clark has beautifully set this song in a lilting triple meter that flows gently. The original lyrics uplift while portraying the power friendships can have on us all. True friends lift us up in good and bad times and together, friends share meaningful moments that make life better. This song will inspire students to treasure their friendships for a lifetime. This piece is a perfect combination of a flowing melody and inspirational lyrics.

Our Friendship - arr. by Larry Clark     

Transcending for full orchestra is the winner of the 2016 Texas Orchestra Directors Association Composition Contest and is now available through Carl Fischer Music.