Grade .5 to 1

Your young band is sure to receive high acclaim when they play this nifty two-step march. It is composed of just half notes and quarter notes, but there are several accidentals and a key change to keep things interesting and band members learning. This chipper tune will be an audience favorite!

Acclaim March     

The march style is important to the heritage of the modern concert band. Why not get beginners off to a great start by teaching them this essential band style as early as possible? Achieve uses only the first six notes of the Bb-major scale and utilizes two repeated eighth notes as the most difficult rhythm. It is written in traditional march form and style, but without modulation in the trio.

Achieve March     

After just ten weeks of study, you can get your students to play in the march style, which is essential to the band’s heritage. Admiration March has all of the standard trademarks of an American style march -- but with very limited notes and rhythms. Totally tuneful and fun to play!

Admiration March     

This is a very easy march using only the first six notes students learn in all band method books. It is intended to teach students march form, but remains tuneful and exciting just like the more challenging marches. How does Larry Clark do it year after year!

Ambassador March     

Introduce the march style to beginning band students with this delight little march. The piece is tuneful and authentic in style, but within the grasp of very young band musicians. Perfect for your band’s first festival warm up march.

Celebrity March     

A simple straightforward march, that demonstrates the march form to best advantage with memorable tunes that employ only half notes and quarter notes in the winds and a break strain featuring the lower-voiced instruments.

Confidence March     

This is a very easy march using only the first six notes students learn in all band method books. It is intended to still teach students about march form and style even with limited technical demands. Composer Larry Clark continues to find new ways to create very easy marches that are still tuneful and fun.

Fortis March     

Intuition is a march for the youngest of students that uses only the first six notes of the Bb scale and the most difficult rhythm is two repeated eighth-notes. Even with limited technical demands, you won’t believe how much this sounds like a more involved march. It has all of the hallmarks of an American march in form with three strains with different melodic material.  The only difference is there is no modulation at the trio. It is a perfect vehicle to introduce this important form to beginning students, and its exceptionally tuneful as well!

Intuition - Larry Clark     

A simple but effective beginning band march. The title is derived from Monmouth, New Jersey where an important Revolutionary war battle took place. The trio of the march uses the popular folk song "Aura Lee".

Monmouth March     

Prestige is designed to introduce March style and form to the young band. Although it only contains the first 7 notes found in most band methods, Concert A to G, it provides a meaningful march experience.

Prestige March     

Recognition March is a tuneful original march in standard form, written with beginning bands in mind. It contains only notes in B-flat major scale (plus A-flat) and no rhythm more advanced than two scale-wise eighth notes. This one is designed as an introduction to the march form and style for the beginning band and is a great pick for festivals.

Recognition March     

Four of the 'big ones' are here: El Capitan, High School Cadets, The Thunderer, and of course, Stars and Stripes Forever. Audiences love marches, particulary those that everybody knows! You will appreciate Larry Clark's arrangement; he has reduced the difficulty level but left plenty of Sousa to suit just about anyone. There is no way more enjoybable to close that all-important spring concert.

Sousa the March King     

Easy, tuneful and standard in form, Valor has all of the makings of a new standard for very young bands to play as a warm-up march at contest/festival. The rhythmic values are limited, but the march contains the standard modulation at the Trio and is stylistically on par with some of the great American marches.

Valor March     

Grade 1.5

A tuneful classic from the Fillmore catalog (Harold Bennett was a pseudonym for Henry Fillmore) is given a rousing new arrangement for young band by Larry Clark that will be a great introduction to this popular march style for today's developing band. Ranges and rhythms are carefully tailored for the level between very beginning band and the more developed grade two ensemble.

Activity March     

Another classic Harold Bennett (pseudonym for Henry Fillmore) march, first presented as part of the Bennett Band Book series. Every year, more and more band directors choose these little march gems, arranged by Larry Clark, for contest warm-up. They are tuneful, easy to play, and simply sound great!

Aline March     

Wearing his Harold Bennett hat, Henry Fillmore turned out some especially delightful marches. At Sight is a particularly breezy example of the Bennett style, and Larry Clark's respectful and adroit young band arrangement is a real winner. The lighthearted and tuneful character of this little gem is a wonderful way to teach young musicians the joys of the March style and form.

At Sight March     

Henry Fillmore wrote his easier marches under the name Harold Bennett. In this easy arrangement by Larry Clark, Courage is a little gem in the repertoire that every young band deserves to have in its library. Highly recommended.

Courage March     

Fluer-de-lis March is written to introduce the march form and style to young musicians. Playing marches is part of the heritage of the band and is an importance style that the students should learn to play. The form of this composition includes the traditional modulation to the subdominant at the Trio.

Fleur-de-lis March     

Here is a classic march from Harold Bennett (psuedonym of Henry Fillmore), which is part of the famous Bennett Band Books. Take a look at this lively march for young bands.  With lots of dynamics and nice counterlines in the trio, the audience will leave humming this "genius" tune for sure!

Genius March     

Honor March is written to introduce the March form and style to young musicians. Playing marches is part of the heritage of the band and is an importance style that the students should learn to play.

Honor March     

Here is a classic march from Harold Bennett (psudonym of Henry Fillmore), which is part of the famous Bennett Band Book series. This piece will serve as an excellent introductory march to teach this imprtant and historically significant style to youn band musicians. Improvement contains distinctive Henry Fillmore melodies that are truly memorable.

Improvement March     

Larry Clark’s newest march, Ingenuity, is the ideal introduction to the march style.  It is a fast and fun uptempo march that will be perfect for contest and festival.

Ingenuity March - Larry Clark     

Loyalty March is a tuneful original in standard march form. This piece serves as a great introduction to the march form and style for developing bands. Larry Clark's pieces are always well-scored, and the melodies are always singable. Perfect as a warm-up march for contest or festival.


No concert is complete without a march, and this toe-tapper is sure to fit the bill. With catchy, easy syncopation throughout, younger bands are sure to enjoy learning the two-step, march style.

Mister Joe     

Larry Clark has arranged many of the popular Bennett band marches over the years and here, he provides us with a new original march in Bennett style; an excellent vehicle to teach the march style and form to students. Pinnacle of Distinction would be perfect as a warm-up piece for a festival performance.

Pinnacle of Distinction     

This bright and freshly scored arrangement, carefully tailored for younger musicians, will introduce a classic Harold Bennett (aka Henry Fillmore) march to a whole new generation.

Project March     

Set in the classic “fast and fun” American march style, Reliance is unique in that it begins in the relative minor for the introduction and first strain, before shifting to a major key for the second strain and beyond. Exciting and different!

Reliance March     

Your band will be guaranteed success when they perform this terrific march by Harold Bennett, a.k.a. Henry Fillmore! A classic in the true sense of the word, the tuneful melodies and bright march feel will fit your band like a glove. Easily accessible parts are a great way to build confidence in your players, and will make you want to program this often. It comes very highly recommended for younger bands!

Success March     

Another great young band march edition of a Henry Fillmore favorite, Summit has memorable tunes and bright, typical march scoring with limited technical demands. It will make a great warm up piece and is designed to show off the unified sound of a developing band.

Summit March     

Grade 2 to 2.5

Larry Clark continues to dig through all of the wonderful marches of Henry Fillmore (using the pseudonym Harold Bennett) to provide young bands everywhere excellent marches for contest/festival. These tuneful little gems are some of the best young band marches ever written and Advance is no exception. Directors have been eagerly awaiting yearly installments in the Bennett march series for over ten years.


Courage March is one of the most popular of the Harold Bennett marches. It is now presented here in a flexible instrumentation edition for bands with instrumentation needs. Tuneful and very fun to play, Courage March will make every band sound their best, and is a good choice for a smaller group to use for contest warm-up. Check out the excerpted version of the recording to see how well the five-part scoring really works.

Courage March     

Larry Clark's fine arrangement of Sousa's tuneful march knocks the difficulty down a notch while keeping the edge on the music. Perfect for developing bands that want to experience a crisp Sousa march below the medium level.

Fairest of the Fair     

Founders Marchis a dynamic and tuneful traditional march in standard form. Composer Larry Clark has years of experience composing and arranging marches that have been widely popular, and this one will be no exception. Reminiscent of the “fast and fun” marches of famous march composer Henry Fillmore, Founders Marchwill be perfect for use at festival or in concert.

Founders March     

The yearly release of a Larry Clark arrangement of a classic Harold Bennett (aka Henry Fillmore) young band march has become a tradition at Carl Fischer. These wonderfully tuneful marches are great choices for contest/festival and for teaching the standard American march form and style to your students. Larry has been a champion for getting young bands to play in this important style and has successfully brought us another lost gem by Henry Fillmore.

Hiland March     

Henry Fillmore is best known for his outpouring of successful marches. This becomes even more impressive when one realizes that he also wrote under eight names. He is also known as the 'father of the Trombone smear' because of the wide acceptance of LASSUS TROMBONE and fourteen other compositions of this nature. Larry Clark greatly reduces any technical difficulties, leaving intact the great glissando effects that your audiences (and your trombone players) will love!

The most popular of Harold Bennett's (a.k.a Henry Fillmore) marches, Military Escort is one that even Sousa wished he had written. From the opening trumpet fanfare to the tuneful trio, this classic is one of the best! Larry Clark has arranged this, as he has many other Harold Bennett marches, to be better suited for today's bands. This is a proven winner in an arrangement that you know will work.

Military Escort     

This march is one of Harold Bennett's (pseudonym of Henry Fillmore) finest. It is in Henry Fillmore's typical fast and fun vein and in standard march form. What is unique about this classic from the original Bennett Band Book is that it is one of the few Bennett marches that includes a "break strain," which will make it a great introduction to younger students to prepare them to play the more challenging marches of Fillmore, Sousa and others.

Normal March     

Another exceptional young band march from the pen of Henry Fillmore. This one is reminiscent of the popular Miltary Escort in style. It is the perfect combination of tuneful melodies, heralding trumpets, and fun march rhythms. An excellent choice for contest/festival performance.

Pivot Man March     

This is one of Harold Bennett's (pseudonym of Henry Fillmore) lesser-known marches, but that is no indication of its quality. It is a 6/8 march in standard march form but what is unique about this classic from the original Bennett Band Book is that it is one of the few Bennett marches that includes a "break strain." This makes it a great introduction for younger students to prepare them to play the more challenging marches of Fillmore, Sousa, and others.

Power March     

Larry Clark has been breathing new life into Harold Bennett’s delightful marches for younger groups over the past decade, and your group will absolutely love Precision. A wonderful tool for teaching younger students the March style, this work also introduces them to the “break strain.” A great way to show your band the genius of Bennett marches at the earliest point possible!


The Royal Irish Regiment is an infantry regiment of the British army. This march was therefore meant to be in the style of a classic British style march. The march is set to emulate the passing by of the regiment as it marches in a parade. It starts with a tuneful fife-sounding melody in the flute or piccolo over the sound of bagpipes. The march then developes featuring all of the sections of the band in this colorful regal type march. Use it as a different type of march at your next contest or festival performance.

Royal Irish Regiment     

Safety is yet another delightful little march from Henry Fillmore written under the pseudonym of Harold Bennett. Larry Clark has breathed new life into 18 of these excellent young band marches already and he continues this year with a tuneful one in 6/8 time. This is an important time signature in the march form and will prepare young students for more advanced 6/8 marches by Fillmore, Sousa and others.


Grade 3

This is the definitive patriotic armed forces tribute. It features the official songs of all five branches of the Armed Forces, plus The Pledge of Allegiance and The Star-Spangled Banner, with optional audience participation. It even includes parts of Sousa marches as interludes! (The U. S. Army song is the original The Caissons Go Rolling Along version.)

This version can be performed as Concert Band with or without Strings, and with piano, SATB, SAB, Two-part, or Men's Chorus.

Reproducible string parts are included.

Armed Forces - The Pride of America! (Band)     

With theme songs from all five branches of the armed forces, stirring march themes from John Philip Sousa, and both the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem of the United States of America, Armed Forces - The Pride of America is sure to become a staple for patriotic programs. Arrangers Larry Clark and Greg Gilpin have taken great care in creating a uniquely flexible setting both in instrumentation and performance. Designed to be performed by band, orchestra, or chorus, separately or in any conceivable combination, ensembles need not be limited by size or instrumentation. Careful attention has also been paid to playability for ease of performance and rehearsal. An optional ending allows even further flexibility when performance time is a consideration and an optional narrator part can be used to invite rousing audience participation. This popular medley is sure to bring a stunning performance in almost any setting.


This classic Henry Fillmore march is considered one of his finest. His Honor is one of FillmoreÆs ôfast and funö circus style marches, containing his classic whimsical look at the world. Since it's premiere in 1933, It has become one of Fillmore's most popular marches. This new edition for flexible instrumentation lets bands with a small number of players perform this delightful work.

His Honor     

A throwback to the old circus marches, Flying High is a tour de force from start to finish! This traditional Fillmore-like march has everything you need to teach technique and style. Perfect for any concert program or festival adjudication, Flying High is a winning selection!

Flying High - Larry Clark     

This is a rip roaring march right from the start. Composer Larry Clark marks the tempo "Fast and fun." This original march was written to honor an exemplary band director with over 62 years teaching. It is a work that emulates the great marches of Henry Fillmore. This will be a fun and solid march for festival performances.

Mr. Bartow     

One of the most popular marches ever written by classical composer Johann Strauss has for the first time been scored for flexible instrumentation groups by Larry Clark. This is a true gem in the repertoire, and now every band can use this great march for contest or festival, regardless of their instrumentation issues.

Radetzky March