Jazz Ensemble

Grade 1

A high energy Latin-rock tune is always fun and Agave fills that slot perfectly. Plenty of ensemble rhythms will help this chart come together with a minimum amount of rehearsal time and your band will have a great time with the energetic groove.


Larry Clark has composed a great introduction to the blues that is filled with ensemble passages that work beautifully. One of the fundamentals of the blues is “call and response” and this chart demonstrates exactly what that is all about. There are some fabulous sections between the band and Piano and later between the Brass and Saxes that you can use to explain some of the history behind the blues. Straight ahead, well-conceived rhythm section parts and plenty of tutti rhythms in the winds will help this chart come together with a minimum of rehearsal time.

Baby Blues - Larry Clark     

Here’s a classy way to introduce the important Bossa Nova style to your younger players. Very playable but filled with subtle dynamic shadings that are usually found only in more advanced charts. The winds introduce the melody in unison followed by a harmonized Saxophone soli. The bridge includes fresh harmonic ideas and a flowing legato melody in the brass.

Bossa Suave     

Here’s a very easy rock tune with a fun twist – it is built on ten measure phrases! Your band will sound great in a hurry with this one and will have a blast in the process. Punchy Brass licks and outstanding Saxophone lines are a feature of this engaging rock chart. As a bonus, there is a separate guitar chord frame chart specifically for this piece that has basic and more advanced diagrams.

Box of Rock - Larry Clark     

As the title implies, this is a laid back swing chart that features lots of tutti rhythms in the winds to help teach this important Jazz style. There is a cool harmonic shift in the B section of the chart that adds a colorful flair. This is a very easy chart that sounds big and full, even with reduced instrumentation.

Go With the Flow     

As you can guess from the title, this is a modal jazz chart that uses the same basic structure as the Miles Davis classic “So What”. After the initial presentation of the tune there is an excellent development section that builds on melodic fragments to create a great send off for the solo section. A fun shout chorus caps off the composition with a captivating “down” ending.

That's What!