Grade 1.5 Concert Band Arrangements

A tuneful classic from the Fillmore catalog (Harold Bennett was a pseudonym for Henry Fillmore) is given a rousing new arrangement for young band by Larry Clark that will be a great introduction to this popular march style for today's developing band. Ranges and rhythms are carefully tailored for the level between very beginning band and the more developed grade two ensemble.

Activity March     

Another classic Harold Bennett (pseudonym for Henry Fillmore) march, first presented as part of the Bennett Band Book series. Every year, more and more band directors choose these little march gems, arranged by Larry Clark, for contest warm-up. They are tuneful, easy to play, and simply sound great!

Aline March     

Wearing his Harold Bennett hat, Henry Fillmore turned out some especially delightful marches. At Sight is a particularly breezy example of the Bennett style, and Larry Clark's respectful and adroit young band arrangement is a real winner. The lighthearted and tuneful character of this little gem is a wonderful way to teach young musicians the joys of the March style and form.

At Sight March     

Intertwining folk songs and Christmas carols gives Christmas Grace a unique voice in the holiday catalog. Great for expressive playing, this work includes Silent Night, Away in a Manger, Greensleeves and Amazing Grace. 

Christmas Grace - Larry Clark     

Veteran composer and arranger Larry Clark has crafted a masterful mashup of familiar carols and holiday songs in this easy medley. Your students and audience will enjoy this engaging and entertaining combination of familiar music.

Christmas Stars - Larry Clark     

Henry Fillmore wrote his easier marches under the name Harold Bennett. In this easy arrangement by Larry Clark, Courage is a little gem in the repertoire that every young band deserves to have in its library. Highly recommended.

Courage March     

Here is a classic march from Harold Bennett (psuedonym of Henry Fillmore), which is part of the famous Bennett Band Books. Take a look at this lively march for young bands.  With lots of dynamics and nice counterlines in the trio, the audience will leave humming this "genius" tune for sure!

Genius March     

Here is a classic march from Harold Bennett (psudonym of Henry Fillmore), which is part of the famous Bennett Band Book series. This piece will serve as an excellent introductory march to teach this imprtant and historically significant style to youn band musicians. Improvement contains distinctive Henry Fillmore melodies that are truly memorable.

Improvement March     

No concert is complete without a march, and this toe-tapper is sure to fit the bill. With catchy, easy syncopation throughout, younger bands are sure to enjoy learning the two-step, march style.

Mister Joe     

This bright and freshly scored arrangement, carefully tailored for younger musicians, will introduce a classic Harold Bennett (aka Henry Fillmore) march to a whole new generation.

Project March     

Your band will be guaranteed success when they perform this terrific march by Harold Bennett, a.k.a. Henry Fillmore! A classic in the true sense of the word, the tuneful melodies and bright march feel will fit your band like a glove. Easily accessible parts are a great way to build confidence in your players, and will make you want to program this often. It comes very highly recommended for younger bands!

Success March     

Another great young band march edition of a Henry Fillmore favorite, Summit has memorable tunes and bright, typical march scoring with limited technical demands. It will make a great warm up piece and is designed to show off the unified sound of a developing band.

Summit March