Minute Clinic – The 10 Re’s of Summer

As we all launch headfirst into the summer with Independence Day around the corner, I ask a simple question – what are you doing this summer to get yourself ready for school in the fall? Make sure to do these 10 things:

Rest – Take time for yourself this summer, with some much needed mental and physical rest.

Relax – Do some things you love outside of music that stimulate you.

Rejuvenate – Besides resting and relaxing, focus on four aspects that make us happy: our physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well being.

Read – Expand your mind with some good reading material. This can and should be entertaining reading, inspirational reading and reading that stimulates new ideas on how to teach better this coming school year.

Reflect – Think about how you will change/improve what you do next year to improve your program, and also to make it better for you too!

Review – Think about what worked and also what didn’t this past year, and the ways in which you can improve how you do what you do.

Reenergize – Study some music you love or would like to learn this summer. Even if it is music your group will never be able to play, it is important to expand your musical horizons. It will make you a better teacher.

Ready – Start studying the music you know you will be using with your groups this coming year. The best way to get the most out of your students is for you to know the score to the pieces you conduct and have the ideal image in your mind of what the piece should sound like.

Reeducate – Take some time this summer to improve your skills as a teacher by attending a summer workshop or taking a class.

Revitalize – After all of the above, you should be ready to take on a new school year with a fresh new attitude. Try to focus on staying positive as you enter the new school year, and don’t forget to set up strategies for keeping yourself healthy this coming school year. This means getting enough sleep, eating right and generally making your well-being the first priority in your life.

Enjoy your summer!!