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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I hope you will find it an informative place where you can learn more about my music. There are plenty of sample recording that you can review.

Cloud Dancing, Crystalline and Celtic Echoes were recently added to the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List. Listen to these and all of my pieces on festival lists – Here!


New Music for 2017-2018

Recordings of my new music for band and orchestra have just been released. I have 6 new band works and 5 new orchestra pieces being published by Carl Fischer Music. They will be available from your favorite music dealer in May of 2017. See the sidebar to the right to listen to recordings.

Transcending Is the Winner of the 2016 TODA Composition Contest and Now Available from Carl Fischer

MXE62Transcending was recently selected as the winning piece for the 2016 Texas Orchestra Directors Association Composition Contest. The piece was commissioned by the Harrison School for the Arts Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Davis and Rob Lambert to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the school. It is now available for sale from Carl Fischer Music or from your local music dealer.

Here is the second performance of the piece conducted by Rob Lambert.

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